14 March 2007

i'm huge. already.

i feel like a house. i got weighed at the midwife's office yesterday and i'm already at a buck fifty. i'm freaked out! i'm embarrassed to tell people that i'm only 14 weeks pregnant. if this keeps up i'll be at a full-on waddle in no time.

the whole morning sickness thing is so weird because eating was so hard yet, i felt i had to eat all the time in order to keep the sickness at bay. empty stomach = sick. and i did not have the good fortune of craving (or even being able to LOOK at) healthy food. i haven't had a salad since early january.

i'm a person who very much likes to eat healthily. i eat organic when i can. i eat a lot of veggies. we buy a share at a CSA farm every spring-fall. but, since getting pregnant i have had to exchange my bountiful, herbacious salad for "Lean Cuisine." i've never bought so much food from the frozen aisle. roast chicken and steamed broccoli? no, Campbell's soup. toast. eggs, eggs, eggs. and cereal. which i hardly ever ate before. Raisin Nut Bran. nothing organic or all natural there.

for the past 3 weeks i've been making soup and a savory pastry. first week it was butternut squash soup with sausage and spanikopita. the second it was roasted root vegetable soup and spinach pie. this week potato leek and asaragus goat cheese tart. i ate HALF the tart in ONE DAY, people.

now, at least this food is home made. not all processed. but the goat cheese isn't gonna keep me from becoming a house. i love to cook and i need to eat, so i decided i should make what i crave. it's good for me. in the kitchen i can get. . . centered.

and maybe now that the Sickness is subsided quite a lot, i'll actually be able to eat a salad!


itybtyfrog said...

I totally crave anything unhealthy when I am first pregnant. I once sat and ate 8 slices of bacon because I was craving protein. And a buck fifty isn't too bad. I always tip out at 170 by the end of my pregnancies. Good luck with the baby. And your dishes sound delicious...you need to post some recipes for those soups.

Mom Tu-Tu said...

I just love midwives! I hope you just keep feeling better everyday.

sari said...

Oh my gosh, in my first pregnancy, I think the first few months I survived on bacon, oranges and smoothies.

I hope you're feeling a bit better and eating healthier soon. A girl I knew survived on pretty much ketchup and macaroni for the first three months with no ill effects, it'll be ok.


katie said...

This pregnancy is crazy for me too. We are pretty healthy eaters over here, but all I want lately (when I don't have the urge to be sick) is bad for me type foods. Sounds like you are being healthier than I! Don't worry, the baby gets all the good stuff and leaves us with the rest! Plus, a "buck fifty" at 14 weeks is not bad AT ALL :)
Take care, and sorry for lack of commenting, I have been pretty burnt out lately.

beth said...

No honey, I'm a house. I totally don't want to tell people I'm not sue until August because they'll count how many months along I am in their heads, so I just say I'm due "this summer." Yeah, way to be vague.

And I think the only veggie I ate through my whole first trimester was cucumber. And here's the thing, I think what you are eating sounds totally healthy and I just wish I was doing that well.