17 December 2006

make merry

it's a week until the EVE. i won't be blogging until 2007 probably, so everyone have a happy happy new year and a warm and wonderful season!

fa la la!

12 December 2006

fa la la!

here's a peek at some of our pre-holiday prep! we've been decorating the house (which my hubby calls "sprigging" because i like to put pine branches and candles around.)

we got the tree this weekend and bb loved decorating it.
"you 'hink THIS one goes next, mommy?"

a new tradition for us--advent stockings.

first we light the candle. it's a nutcracker candle. bb calls it "christmas man." and when he sees the match he says, "fire!"

then we get a stocking to open. one of his favorite gifts is pictured above--wooden acorns. i know, crazy! but anything that fits in a little dumptruck. . .

and the tree.

08 December 2006

how weird am i?

so, miss owl tagged me to do this "6 weird things about you" thing. i've never been tagged before. i hope i do it right!

here we go in no particular order. . .

1. i can't use the toilet if the previous potty-goer hasn't flushed. as The Buscuit from Ally McBeal would say, "i like a fresh bowl."

2. if you talk to me while you are brushing your teeth i will gag. it gives me the heaves. i hate it when characters in a movie talk while brushing teeth. i'm all, "dude! just brush, rinse and THEN talk! how hard is that?"

3. i can't sleep without socks on my feet (even if it's summer) and earplugs in my ears.

4. i hardly ever answer the phone. i just don't like talking on the phone at all and i do it as little as possible.

5. i eat popcorn nearly every day.

6. i can't leave mail unopened/sorted for any length of time. and it drives me crazy when hubby leaves his mail around in a pile, unlooked at. as soon as i get it from the mailbox stuff gets opened, filed and recycled. i can't. not. do. it.

so now, i tag:

let the weirdness be celebrated!!!

[The rules...Each player of this game starts with the "6 Weird Things about You".People who get tagged need to write a blog of their own 6 weird things as well as state this rule clearly. In the end, you need to choose people to be tagged and list their names. Don't forget to leave a comment that says 'you are tagged' in their blog.]

07 December 2006

global warming--it's what i think about at christmastime.

every year (for the past 5 or so) around this time i think about the way things were when i was a kid. i mean the weather.

"when we were kids, we had to walk to school in the snow, uphill, both ways!" no. but, really. the winter was cold and snowy. and we hated it and loved it at the same time. it was such a thrill to go outside and be bombarded by the bitter cold. it made us feel alive. it also made us feel thankful to go INside. hot chocolate with marshallows was always waiting after a hard day of sledding because school was cancelled.

just last week it was a balmy 53 degrees here in my corner of new england. that freaks me out, people. are my kids and grandkids going to inhert an earth that can't cool itself down anymore? will they be singing christmas songs and asking what a snowman is? it scares me. bigtime. and i feel helpless to do anything about it. i just makes me sad, you know?

06 December 2006

he makes me laugh.

SCENE: my car, driving home from home depot, evening. me and bb. holiday music plays on the car stero.

ME: "hey buggy, do you like this song?"

BB: "i....i...like CHOCOLATE, mommy!"

i didn't know liking both was against the rules.

04 December 2006

coupon crazy!

so, after my wallet and i had a good heart to heart, it became clear that i needed to look harder for deals on the internet for holiday shopping.

and now i'm here to report a good resource! there are lot of places to download coupons out there. sure, who doesn’t like a bargain? but it’s been hard for me to find coupons or offers at places i actually will shop at. sorry, not interested in “cigars and things.”

www.couponchief.com actually has some great deals at stores/sites that i like to buy from. like Children’s Place. right now there are three different online coupons being offered for that particular store. and come on! how cute will my niece look in this for 15% off? answer-- VERY.

you can search by store or by category and hey, even magic cabin is there! (see this post if you are wondering what the bleep I’m talking about.)

i’ve had a good time poking around and finding some cool things. maybe it can help you, too.