04 December 2006

coupon crazy!

so, after my wallet and i had a good heart to heart, it became clear that i needed to look harder for deals on the internet for holiday shopping.

and now i'm here to report a good resource! there are lot of places to download coupons out there. sure, who doesn’t like a bargain? but it’s been hard for me to find coupons or offers at places i actually will shop at. sorry, not interested in “cigars and things.”

www.couponchief.com actually has some great deals at stores/sites that i like to buy from. like Children’s Place. right now there are three different online coupons being offered for that particular store. and come on! how cute will my niece look in this for 15% off? answer-- VERY.

you can search by store or by category and hey, even magic cabin is there! (see this post if you are wondering what the bleep I’m talking about.)

i’ve had a good time poking around and finding some cool things. maybe it can help you, too.

1 comment:

Jamie said...

Ooh thanks for the link! I love Children's Place, and that sweater is way too cute.