25 October 2007

prouder than proud.

i know i have mentioned before that BB is in school now. i could write a very long post about how i have NO IDEA how stay-at-home moms do it when #2 comes along before #1 is in school. dude.
i'd be a crazy lady if BB were home all day. but that's another post. . .

there's been 5 or 6 times lately where a parent at BB's school will say to hubby or i (hubby does drop off, i do pick up) something nice about our son. most often it's one or all of these kinds of comments, "your son is SO sweet. he's a really gentle and respectful kid." "he's so articulate." "is he really only 3?" "you should be so proud of him, he's genuinely NICE." and one mom the other day told hubby how her daughter who is 5 is hard-pressed to warm up to boys. she's tough to impress in general, but if you are a boy you have to work even harder to get "in" with her. well, she comes home everyday talking about MY son and how much she likes him and how he is nice to her.

that's my boy.

can you feel me beaming thru the computer?

09 October 2007

07 October 2007

time flies.

i can't believe it's been so long since i posted. i think about it everyday. i just either can't find the time or i don't know what to say. . . because there is so much i could say about being a mom to this new baby. there's so many ups and downs.

the ups:

she's a GIRL! and i can dress her in pretty patterns and in pink. she's cute as can be. snuggly. warm. soft. sweet. she reminds me how much i have to look forward to in life. i see her and my heart fills with gratitude for all i have. i watch hubby talk to her and hold her and i feel more in love with him. when bb comes over and says, "hi baby sister!" i melt. when he asks if he can read us a book while i nurse her my heart starts to smile. this is especially necessary when the downs feel really down.

the downs:
baby got gas. big time. it's currently 1pm here and we've been up since THREE last night. she can't sleep. all she can do is try to relieve the gas bubbles. i'm trying everything. homeopathy, baby gas relief drops, squeezing it out of her.
she also is having trouble nursing. shallow latch. more air. more gas. troubled boobs.
the latch was never great, but then i started giving her a binky at night a little and yeah, now it's worse. who doesn't believe in "nipple confusion?"
and i've got bronchitis. i've fractured a rib or pulled a couple muscles from the coughing, we're not sure which.
bb was a terrible sleeper. we were traumatized at our lack of sleep here. he was fussy. hard to put down. but little cm is not that way. she's having trouble with sleep, but i truly think it's gas-induced and not that we're in for more of what we had with bb. but, i could be delusional. i want to believe she's a good sleeper at heart.

that's all the news for now. it looks like she might actually sleep, which means i have to, too.

i tried to upload a picture, but blogger is being stubborn, so . . . next time.

i hope to be back to reading all your blogs soon!