28 August 2007

2 weeks to go!

it's been so busy around here that i haven't had a chance to post much. we had a great vacation at the beach. we're so lucky to be able to do that. BB got to play with his cousins 24/7 which was a big deal. . . although not as big as the ice cream we ate! he'd been waiting all summer for that! since being back it's been all about baby. getting the rooms ready. getting her clothes ready. getting diapers. setting things up. nesting. i'm due in a little over 2 weeks, so she could come anytime. and it'd be FINE with me if she showed a little early or on her due date. i'm praying she's not TWELVE days late like her brother, because, seriously, i don't think i can stretch anymore. i feel like i'm going to bust at the seams! she's gotta come out of there. i feel like i'm more baby than i am me! so, feel free to send your "baby come on time" juju my way. in the meantime, here's a few pics from the vacation.bb went to his first baseball game. it was minor league, but he didn't know the difference! he LOVED it. here he is waving at the "baseball guys."splashing in the water with mom. he climbed up and down that rock like a 100 times. i know this beach like the back of my hand given that i spent ever summer there as a kid, so it was awesome to see him discovering it. it made me all emotional to watch him.

and of course, trucking in the sand with dad. the beach is one big sand box after all!

09 August 2007


this weekend we're re-arranging the upstairs and painting the kids' room. baby is due in one month! then, we're off to the shore for a week at the beach cottage, so i won't be posting for a bit.

hope to see you when i get back! i look forward to catching up with my fellow mommy bloggers.


06 August 2007

2 is fine, it's 3 you gotta worry about

so far, i can't say i'm a fan of year 3. sheesh. everyone complains about the 2 year old, but man, in the last 3-4 weeks, bb has become a royal pain in the patootie a lot of the time.

he only wants snacks. if i call a meal by it's name, "lunch" he has a break down. "i don't want lunch, i just want a snack!!!!!" food is a toughie. i love food and i love to cook. i already have a completely UNadventurous eater in the house (hubby). i don't need 2. but, of course i understand the toddler palate--not so refined. i am sort of a healthfoodie mom, but not in an extreme way at all. i'll give the kid Spud Puppies and all-natural chicken fingers and you'd think i asked him to eat tofu casserole. what's wrong here? don't most kids beg for things like Spud Puppies (healthy tater-tots)?

am i missing something?

i'm not sure when my kid transitioned into someone who can't hear no. we've never been pushovers with him. but all of a sudden it's like the end of the world if we say no to something. . . even if it's something we can't say yes to. "can i have some juice?" "actually, we're out of juice, want some soy milk or water?" he hits the floor and whines.

mommy cannot handle that.

maybe it's because the baby is coming and he feels it. maybe it's because school is coming and he feels it. there's certainly change in the air around here. so, i do feel for him and i try to be compassionate---but where's the compassion for me? just a quick dose is all i need. i'm nearly 8mos. pregnant, it's hot as blazes around here and i can't bend down anymore!

someone bring me a lemonade and cold fo' i pass out!

02 August 2007

i don't wanna hear it

if you have more than one kid, i don't wanna hear how hard it is. i'm not an idiot. i know that the challenges that come with a second kid are wide and varied and i also know that your life is not mine.

when i had my first kid everyone wanted to tell me their war stories--of the birthing, of the first few months of life with newborn, etc. and while i would like to think that people have good intentions it frustrated me because i felt like people were assuming that just because it was a certain way for them, that it would be for me.

i'm an optimist--for the most part and i like to believe in the best outcome in all things. this is true of having my second baby as well. i know we'll struggle. i know it could be really hard for bb to get used to his sister. i know we'll be busy and it will be hard to do laundry and dishes. and i also know it will be wonderful.

i guess i'm just tired of "veteran" moms saying in all-knowing tones, "oh, you'll be busy!" or "oh, you'll SEE!" like they've cornered the market on parenting. well, i have my own way of approaching life and i want to be let to have my own experience, you know?

i don't think that's too much to ask.