06 August 2007

2 is fine, it's 3 you gotta worry about

so far, i can't say i'm a fan of year 3. sheesh. everyone complains about the 2 year old, but man, in the last 3-4 weeks, bb has become a royal pain in the patootie a lot of the time.

he only wants snacks. if i call a meal by it's name, "lunch" he has a break down. "i don't want lunch, i just want a snack!!!!!" food is a toughie. i love food and i love to cook. i already have a completely UNadventurous eater in the house (hubby). i don't need 2. but, of course i understand the toddler palate--not so refined. i am sort of a healthfoodie mom, but not in an extreme way at all. i'll give the kid Spud Puppies and all-natural chicken fingers and you'd think i asked him to eat tofu casserole. what's wrong here? don't most kids beg for things like Spud Puppies (healthy tater-tots)?

am i missing something?

i'm not sure when my kid transitioned into someone who can't hear no. we've never been pushovers with him. but all of a sudden it's like the end of the world if we say no to something. . . even if it's something we can't say yes to. "can i have some juice?" "actually, we're out of juice, want some soy milk or water?" he hits the floor and whines.

mommy cannot handle that.

maybe it's because the baby is coming and he feels it. maybe it's because school is coming and he feels it. there's certainly change in the air around here. so, i do feel for him and i try to be compassionate---but where's the compassion for me? just a quick dose is all i need. i'm nearly 8mos. pregnant, it's hot as blazes around here and i can't bend down anymore!

someone bring me a lemonade and cold fo' i pass out!


Mommy Babble said...

I already came to conclusion that while it may be the 'terrible twos" to some around here it is definitely the "throw them out the window threes". Or maybe jsut throw myself ou the window, I'm not sure yet. ;)

Three is such a tough age. it's right on the cusp, they almost get it and can jsut barely grasp it but still fall short by an inch. and that drives them crazy. The good thing is that it ends soon. LOL

Tracey said...

Yes. 3 sucks. A 2 year old may throw tantrums, but you can forgive them faster, because they are new to this whole "living" thing.

A 3 year old? They KNOW they're pushing your buttons, and you can get fed up much faster with a kid that is deliberately being naughty.

Plus, you throw in all the things you listed (heat, preggo mom, school, etc.) and you have a wonderful blend of whiny-ass syndrome.


Jamie said...

Oh no, don't tell me three is worse than two..

Mine is not even two, and is fast approaching terrible. Every day is like you described, a big dramatic whine-fest over the littlest "no".

Hope you get a break, and a cold lemonade, soon. And how good will it feel to have your body back to yourself :)

katie said...

I am with you Kate, three is way harder then 2. Jack is such a bossy pants, he gets mad if I phrase things wrong too! Drives me crazy! Hopefully preschool mellows them out, or at least wears them out. Ugh, and this pregnancy thing is getting old, my back feels like it's going to give out on me! Can't wait until the fall...

Claudia L. Meydrech, CN said...

It's been a long time since my children, now in their 20's were "terrible 3's", but I said the same thing back then, 2 wasn't that bad, but when they hit 3...wow! With them both now in their 20's, and one married, I can definitely assure you that "this too (or 3?) shall pass".

Enjoy these years..they are the making of great memories..unless you are reminded now and then of the challenging times of raising children, you only remember the GOOD times!!

God bless, stop by and visit me & my blogs when you have time,