18 September 2007

she's here!!

i'm so pleased to tell you all that my daughter has arrived!!!

she came yesterday, monday, september 17th at just before 8 in the morning. it was a smooth 6 hour natural labor. (nice compared to my THIRTY hour labor with bb. oy vey.)

she's lovely and perfect. she was 8lbs., 2 oz. she is nursing well and sleeping tons. so far she's "pretty chill" as hubby would say. it's been a very. . .peaceful experience so far.

bb has been a great older brother. hubby made me agree not to share names, so we'll use her initials, too, which are cm. bb has given cm many'a kiss today. he's been really sweet. he likes lifting my shirt for me when it's time to nurse. what more could i ask for? sure, i know this will not always be the way of things for him, but for right now, it's really nice.

anyway, here's a couple pictures of my cutie-patootie.

thanks for the well-wishes and support!!

16 September 2007


well, here we are--4 days "late" and it should come as no surprise given bb's lateness, but still, it's sort of disappointing. i so much want to see and meet her!

while i am definitely an "everything works out how it needs to" kind of person, it's hard to be patient. i'm so ready to pop! so tired of being tired. so much wanting to eat with out having indigestion. wanting to NOT be constipated finally. ready to be able to walk the stairs without huffing and puffing. and we're ready to be a family--all of us together.

yesterday we had a big breakfast. i made pancakes, eggs and bacon and hubby and bb set the table and poured drinks. we had joni mitchell o
n the stereo. it was nice. but it felt like we were missing someone. like she should have been here to join us. my midwife thought i wouldn't see monday as a preggy person. we'll see.

i know the baby will be here soon. and the upside to her not being here yet? bb is in school from 8:30 - 2:30 (started last week), so i get (it's almost too good to say out loud) time to MYSELF. and the baby is moving and by all accounts doing fine. i've stocked the freezer with food to make newborn life a *bit* easier.

we're ready.

i hope to post good news very soon. thanks so much for the good juju and well-wishes!