25 October 2007

prouder than proud.

i know i have mentioned before that BB is in school now. i could write a very long post about how i have NO IDEA how stay-at-home moms do it when #2 comes along before #1 is in school. dude.
i'd be a crazy lady if BB were home all day. but that's another post. . .

there's been 5 or 6 times lately where a parent at BB's school will say to hubby or i (hubby does drop off, i do pick up) something nice about our son. most often it's one or all of these kinds of comments, "your son is SO sweet. he's a really gentle and respectful kid." "he's so articulate." "is he really only 3?" "you should be so proud of him, he's genuinely NICE." and one mom the other day told hubby how her daughter who is 5 is hard-pressed to warm up to boys. she's tough to impress in general, but if you are a boy you have to work even harder to get "in" with her. well, she comes home everyday talking about MY son and how much she likes him and how he is nice to her.

that's my boy.

can you feel me beaming thru the computer?


Beth said...

I'm not surprised at all. That's so great.

Oh, and in response to one of your previous posts - my baby got gas too. I'm totally off of milk and it seems to help. But as a fellow Sears woman you have probably tried that. I hope the gas...disperses...soon.

itybtyfrog said...

It is always so great to hear positive things about your kids from other people. Proud mommy moments! Your little girls is adorable!

Tracey said...

I LOVE positive stuff. How wonderful to think that he might be that cool guy that everyone likes, for no other reason than he's simply good at heart. Awesome.