30 November 2006

my wallet is panting.

i've never considered myself overly materialistic. i mean, i like my stuff, but i don't really spend money on frivilous things or expensive "toys." but i DO love to give (and recieve) holiday gifts. who doesn't?

a good friend of mine who has 3, no 4 boys told me a few years back that she spends a ridiculous amount of money on gifts for the kids and that "one day" i'd see how it feels to have these little people to gift at the holidays. you
want to give them everything.

and she's right. i do.

there are so many things i want to get for bb. i get at least 3 catalogues a day and i look through them and get so excited when i see something that i know he'd just love. it's hard to hold back. then i look at the wallet--skinny. i am a part-time nanny and hubby is a teacher. we have a tiny house. we're not at all raking it
in. and still, i call on my wallet to find some money hiding in the corners that we didn't know about. and it responds with, "lady, are you crazy?" and i say, "look again!"

i have to say, though, that i am glad for my limitations because it is really important to me that my son doesn't have SO. MANY. TOYS. that i he can't focus on one thing. that he can't organize them all and "tidy up." that he can find his way into something, really into it where he can use his imagination. i also frown on a lot of plastic stuff. it always breaks. and do
n't get me started on toys that make music. or toys that sell disney characters. i hate it when i feel like bb is being used by marketing execs.

we decided we'd rather bb have LESS things and higher quality ones than lots of cheaper (in price and make) things in order to have more. and we love the wooden stuff. Melissa & Doug--love you! we got bb the M&D train set and when it arrived i was giddy.

in case you haven't been getting 100s of catalogues this season, i'm going to share the few (websites) that i think have the best stuff. maybe you'll see something you like for your little monkey.

one of my favorites is Nova Natural. they have all kinds of wooden toys, great books about the seasons, nature, gnomes and knitting. www.novanatural.com. check out this oh-so-cool castle set.

another great one is HearthSong. they've got great outdoor gear like igloo makers and snowman kits. also great art stuff. www.hearthsong.com. c
heck out this bulldozer and forklift. wooden! moving parts! toddler (boy) heaven!

and finally Magic Cabin. they have some really nice dolls. all e
thnicities included. the have some really cool puppets and dress-up clothes. and of course, the much-coveted Plan City! oh yes. www.magiccabin.com.

Enjoy and may your wallet come through for you.


Mike said...

I know what you mean. As gift-giving holidays near, I miss the days when my kids would unwrap their presents and, all day long, play with the box and wrappers.


beth said...

All of that stuff looks so awesome. I love magic cabin and Melissa and Doug. I've been looking for a wooden train set to suggest to my in-laws as a gift and that one is PERFECT. Can't believe I didn't think of M&D for that - I must just be too bombarded with Thomas when I look up trains online.

I totally agree with you. I'm glad I'm on a budget when it comes to gifts for Sam, because I really would go crazy and buy everything, which was/is definitely not my intention nor was it ever how I envisioned myself as parent. It just takes hold though, that want/need to give them everything. I started shopping for Sam's gifts a few months ago so that I could spread out the expenses, and I think I put a lot more thought into it knowing I was on a budget and had to control myself. And now, like you, I'm so happy with everything I got for him and I still feel like it's a lot...as long as the in-laws get the train so that I don't have to deal with the whole Barnes and Noble mishaps anymore.

Allie said...

Your post is so very true. Living on a budget certainly allows you to appreciate things a lot more doesn't it?

I am thankful that my son doesn't have a lot of toys and that he doesn't show a lot of interest in them. All my son lives and breathes for right now is hockey so everyday is spent in our basement shooting pucks into a net. I wonder just how long that will last ........

Wendy said...

These look like great gifts.
You'll have to stop by and read what I wrote today, it goes along w/what you said here. Enjoy your blog.

sari said...

That castle is great, I love it!!

My boys favorite toys over the years (the ones that got passed down from Eight to Four) were wooden blocks, legos and lincoln logs. Classics, and they still play with them!

Good luck picking your presents.

I always have a tough time because Four's birthday is Dec. 19th - twice as many presents!!

Leslie said...

ya, these are better than the tattoo maker. :)