12 December 2006

fa la la!

here's a peek at some of our pre-holiday prep! we've been decorating the house (which my hubby calls "sprigging" because i like to put pine branches and candles around.)

we got the tree this weekend and bb loved decorating it.
"you 'hink THIS one goes next, mommy?"

a new tradition for us--advent stockings.

first we light the candle. it's a nutcracker candle. bb calls it "christmas man." and when he sees the match he says, "fire!"

then we get a stocking to open. one of his favorite gifts is pictured above--wooden acorns. i know, crazy! but anything that fits in a little dumptruck. . .

and the tree.


Leslie said...

very pretty! your little boy is so cute.

katie said...

Lovely! I am so excited for Christmas.
I finally did my list, it's up right now :)

Adventures In Babywearing said...

Advent stockings- too cute!

Mike said...

Love the advent stockings. We should try that.


lindsay brandon said...

nice haircut, thag.

beth said...

So gorgeous and cozy! And
I love the stockings.