11 March 2007

a hubby-free existence

so, hubby is gone out of town for 11 days. ouch. he does this trip for work every year (although, thankfully this is the last time) and this year it's particularly hard to be without him. last year bb and i went to florida for a few days with my sister and her family. while florida was not my first choice of places to go it was A. WARM B. close by C. somewhere other than here. because of that trip we didn't feel hubby's absence as much. this time we do.

and to top it all off, he's totally doing fun stuff. yes, he's technically "working" but his work is fun and he's in seattle seeing all our old friends and getting away. away from the snow. a break from the routine. yes, i am jealous.

after thinking it over there is really only one good thing i can come up about him being gone and that is: i can sprawl out in bed, sleep in the middle and hog the blankets and pillows.

that's all i got.

oh and bb's got a cold, too. good times.

yes, i'm feeling whiney.


Jamie said...

Enjoy your time and all of your bedding :)
I will keep my eyes peeled for your hubby, he's in my neck of the woods now!

Leslie said...

i blogged about this very thing yesterday. but my boy was only gone 3 days. here's to all the pillows, girl!

Summer M said...

Oh no! Sick toddlers are never fun. I hope its a quick cold and that the 11 days go by fast enough.

Tracey said...

Yeah, BTDT. It sucks. Hogging pillows is nice and all, but I need someone to curl up against to get warm in the night. My kids are just not big enough. Hope it flies by for you and BB gets better!