23 February 2007

scenes of wintertime.

here's what it's been looking like outside.

so, here's what we've been doing inside.

"rolly polly pancakes" for breakfast. think lazy man's crepes. yummy, easy and QUICK
! we like them with peanut butter, strawberry jam, bananas, walnuts, raisins and apples cooked in butter and cin-in-in-amins.

next is storytime. . .

the narration goes something like this:

"Where is Hoops (the horse)?"
"Where is my friend?"

"Where is Hoops? Hoops, the pony is asleep. we can't wake him up."
"So, we walked up the stairs, so we went for a walk. . . where is my friend?"
"Would you look at that big tree? Wooooow. We can't climb up there cause there's a tree up there, so let's go home now."

I love that he wants to tell stories. he can tell stories with anyone/anything. sometimes even his granola bar has adventures!

we talk about Spring a lot and all the fun things we'll do when it thaws. today, though, it's so pretty out there, it's hard to be mad at Winter.


Jamie said...

Pretty pictures, that looks like some good snow, nice big flakes!

And the 'rolly-polly pancakes' sound really good..

Happy you guys are enjoying winter, because I tell ya, I can't wait for the Spring so we can get out of the house a little more!

Tracey said...

Granola bar adventures! That's sweet. And is that the scene outside from your house? Beautiful.

Zoe said...

So cute! I need to get more creative by playing like that . . . my boys would love it!

What are "rolly polly pancakes"? They look really good and yummy!

Jon Rossi said...

Lazy man's crepes! MMMMMM!