03 March 2007

new tunes!

you may remember a while back (if you come here often) that i was whining about needing new music to listen to. many of you came thru with suggestions and i totally appreciated it! every one.

here is something cool to discover--www.unsigned.com. this is a website for independent unsigned artists to display their work for the world to hear in hopes of being "discovered." the long and short of it is that there are just tons and tons of great musicians here for the listening and in all kinds of genres--anything you like you can find. and if you are bored with your CD collection like i am, it's a great place to discover new flavors. like, how about Ska Bands? ever found one you liked? maybe now's the time, my friend! is Dance music your thing? Reggae?

i'm a big fan of the acousticy folky stuff, so my latest favorite discover at unsigned.com is Accidental Hero. give them--and anyone else you come across--a listen. i bet you find some cool stuff.

rock on, friends.

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Biby Cletus said...

interesting stuff you have got here keep up the good work.

regards Biby - Blog

sari said...

I forgot to tell you - go check out www.pandora.com - you enter a band you like, and they play a bunch of different music that they think you would like based on your band. You can adjust your preferences (yes, I like that - no, I don't) and they adjust the songs accordingly.

It's much better explained on the website - you should go check it out! I'll check out yours as well.

:-) *this is not a paid ad*