05 January 2007

meet peeps for FREE!

this post is near and dear to my heart. my mom was recently engaged! she's 61 and happily starting a new life. she met her husband-to-be through and online dating service. for real. she just showed me the ring at christmas.

it always bugged her that it was so costly to be a member of the community. well, now there's a great new site that offers all the same things as paid sites, but is totally FREE! no one is ever asked for their credit card information. i'm a believer in the whole thing. if you or anyone you know is thinking of trying an online way to meet people, what's to lose?

www.justsayhi.com (this post is sponsored by them). remember, it's a free dating service!


sari said...

congratulations to your mom! It sounds wonderful that she's so happy.

I think it's crappy dating services are so much as well. I know someone that is considering using one, I'm going to pass your information on to her!

Allie said...

Tried to comment yesterday but Blogger hated me.

Anyways, great link! I am forwarding it onto my mom in hopes that perhaps there is a gentleman out there that will tweak her interests.