04 January 2007

been a long time

it's been a long time since i had a chance (and the energy) to put forth a post on the old blog here.

the holidays were busy and exciting and. . . draining. i'm so happy to be home and back to "normal" life. in the past it's been a let down, but not this year. this year we did too much traveling and it wiped me out.

i got a couple of awesome gifts, though--hubby got me a standing mixer from kitchen aid. and i got a used, but nice sewing machine. now i can try my hand at making pretty things like i see on so many blogs out there. man, there's some good ones. they can either inspire you or make you feel, "i'll never be that good at it." right now i'm inspired. we'll see.

bb got lots of nice things, too. lots of wooden toys and trucks. blocks. he's a lucky boy. his daddy built him a train table, too.

i'd post pictures, but i'm too lazy today.

soon, though, i'll be giving p.moms a bit of an upgrade on its look. i need something new to help me feel inspired.

also, i joined up with payperblog.com and so i'll be posting about things i may not normally post about to make some extra cash (so far i've banked a whole $7!). some people really do make money at it. i'd like that, but i don't want my blog to be a big advertisement. i just though you should know about it.

i hope all your holidays were merry and bright. and i hope to peek in on your blogs and see what's going on--i've missed it!

cheerio and happy new year!


Tracey said...

I hear ya on being happy to be back to normal! Glad to have our routines again.

sari said...

glad so see you back and that you had a wonderful Christmas and new years!