08 January 2007


so, how are you all doing with your resolutions for the new year?

personally, i don't make them anymore. i set my standards too high and then was only left to feel like a failure. and i can feel that way enough on my own, no need to add unattained resolutions to underscore the feeling.

but, i AM all for personal growth. it's not like i don't want to try to change or better myself. i do. anyone who knows me would agree. i think what i have come to is not needing. . . or not wanting to need the drama of a big resolution to make change. it never sticks for me when i do it that way. i prefer, instead, the quiet metamorphosis of my ways. the slow change or the one that comes with no big announcement. these seem to stick better for me.


Adventures In Babywearing said...

I set some important goals for the year and so far am very pleased that we've been focused and made some nice changes so far! I think they are some things that we were heading towards anyway, and it just happens to be a New Year now and all!

sari said...

I'm like that too, I'd rather make personal goals and not tell anyone, just do it.

I like your new banner picture!