03 November 2006

knit wit!

have i mentioned i started knitting this summer? my mom handed me a kit and said,
"it's about time you learned." and so i have. and here are my first 2 projects.

the scarf is what came of the kit she gave me. i was so proud of it when i finished it. i wore it for like 2 weeks straight. hubby would say, "seriously? you're going to wear that in your jammies?" hell yes. did you not notice i MADE this??

i tend to be the kind of person who does things first and reads the di
rections later, so it's been a challenge making new things. i'm working on a scarf for bb and also a little flock-o-chickens. yes, this first one leaves much to be desired, but hey, it's my first bird. i'm pretty happy it resembles a chicken at all. i'm hoping these bad boys will be sticking out of everyone's stocking this year. . . if i can get a little better at it!
do you knit? got any easy patterns to share?


Jamie said...

I am SO impressed! I tried to learn to crochet from a book and it was an uneven mess!
Don't blame you a bit for wearing your scarf with your jammies, you ought to be proud! :)
Do you read any crafty blogs? I love Wee Wonderfuls http://weewonderfuls.typepad.com/

Anonymous said...

I've been knitting a couple years now and am quite impressed! My first scarf wasn't as nice as yours, so you can understand why MY hubby was wondering why the heck I was still wearing that thing!

We have a real knitting shop (NOT a "craft" store that happens to sell yarn) and I just love going in there and looking at their samples and getting inspired from there. Most of the time they will write the pattern down for free. This time of year I love to make scarves for everyone I know, and I love to take two different textures of yarn and combine them to make a neat effect.

Debbie Bliss books are great, too.

beth said...

Awesome. I am so impressed and jealous. I'm lame and can't do it myself so I have no pattern ideas for you.