31 October 2006

the soundtrack of my life--part 2

thanks for all the great recommendations in part 1. it's great to get new ideas of peeps i might like to hear.

i listened to music a lot in high school, college and in my early twenties. now not so much. except in the car. i sort of feel like i should miss it. like it means i've grown up too much that i don't always have music playing. maybe i'm just busier now.

the nice thing about my CD collection is when i put one in the player of my
car without really thinking about it. and it happens to be one of THOSE ones. one that feels like the soundtrack to a certain part of my life. do you have those, too?

i can put on joni mitchell's "for the roses" and be instantly transported back to when my hubby and i first met. we courted over late-night talks, tea, cookies and joni. she was always there. when i hear the opening track i'm right back there in hubby's little college apartment. i can remember what the quilt on his bed looked like. and what it felt like to wake up next to him hearing the church bells outside. and even the decorations on his walls.

when i put on "rites of passage" by the indigo girls i'm driving away from my one week at SUNY new paltz headed back to martha's vineyard where i'd left my boyfriend (not hubby). it was so the wrong school for me. i can smell the vineyard air. i can see boyfriend in his green striped sweater. i can feel EXACTLY what it felt like to be me at that time in my life. it's better than a photograph. it brings back all the senses.

i've been a wallower. i've been the kind of person who didn't want to move on and who was always looking back. i've made big strides at living in the present. these albums are 2 instances where i get to go back and it's okay. it's like turning journal pages only better because you can sing to it.

what are your soundtracks?


Kathryn said...

Hejira - reminds me of when I was a pilot so much it hurts to be looking up instead of down.

John Denver Wind Song takes me back to when I was 11 and first discovering music and all it had to offer.

David Gray White Ladder brings me back to Madrid and Kenmare before all the madness happened with Ellie and Dave and I were living the dream and newly in love.

Ahhh - I so get what you mean about the music taking you back. And I also don't get to listen to it much anymore except in the car. It must be a mom thing. Now the sound track consists of silly pizza song, dorothy the dinosaur and Brahms lulluby as played by the baby einstein orchestra.

God - give me some base, drums and passssssiooooonnnnn!

Hang in there Kate. Thinking of you and yours. xoxox

sari said...

Gosh, pretty much any song I hear, I can tell you what was going on in my life when that song was popular.

That's kind of how I remember everything! I've been feeling a little bad lately, because everything I listen to is older, and not anything new. Am I going to remember my life now by songs that make me remember my life then? Now? Later?

I think I'm getting too existential for myself, ha ha.

Anonymous said...

Music is such a part of my life, too, that I feel like I take in everything I hear and feel at the time. (First of all, love love love Joni & Indigos.)

I can remember every tingling of the first time I heard Jeff Buckley's "Grace" and the new relationship I was heading toward at that time. Just like that CD, the pain & heartache- such foreshadowing!