06 November 2006

is anybody hungry?

no, no, it's not the Monday Munch i'm talking about.

it's my birthday! well, officially it's not until next week, however today hubby came home from work out of the blue with a box. a surprise. a birthday plan!!!

we're going to see duran duran tonight!!!!! heeeeee! he planned it all in secret. tickets, dinner, babysitter. and he even got me a vintage tee circa 1984. i'll either look cute or like the 30-something 80s lunatic that i am.

now, i know, seeing an 80s band in the year 2006 can be seen as sorta sad. but, hey, these guys are still making decent music (the newest album w/ all the original members is actually really fun). and as i've mentioned before i was pretty into then. ok, obsessed. as i was growing into adulthood i began to feel ashamed of this, but then i met hubby and it was only a matter of time before i had to let him in on it. i couldn't hide it forever. eventually he was going to see me without make-up. eventually i was going to pass gas and yes he was going to see my d2 music collection. so, i fessed up. now, when i met hubby he was all into Rush, Marillion, Police, and Yes. but he had a softer side. he grew up with a hippie mom. so, he also liked joni mitchell and old bluegrass and the Beatles. mixed bag. anything could happen. turns out when i shared my passion for the fab 5 he was all, "i like them too! i was always afraid to admit it! one day i'm going to write an essay (he never has) called, "Why Duran Duran is really a progressive rock band in a pretty boy disguise."

needless to say we were meant to be.

one year for christmas we each got each other the d2 singles box set. see what i'm saying?

now we're going to see the boys together for the first time... thankfully before any of the members kicked the bucket.

woot woot!


sari said...

I'm sure you've probably said before (I do remember you talking about the boys) but which was your favorite?

I was always a John Taylor girl. The other guys...eh...they could have been switched with anyone else as far as I was concerned.

Have a great time and happy early birthday!! :-)

Allie said...

What an awesome birthday present! Enjoy the concert!!

I too grew up obsessed with Duran Duran. I honestly believed that John Taylor was going to be my husband and that it was destiny waiting to happen.

Thankfully I didnt wait around for him as he doesn't seem to know how to get to Canada. :)

katie said...

Happy birthday! What an awesome gift, your husband totally scores points for keeping it under wraps :)

kate said...

i flip-flopped between nick and john. moody artist or straight-up pretty... it was a toughee!

Anonymous said...

Now what a great gift! Sorry you won't see Andy. Hope y'all have a great time together!

I just confessed to my computer teacher who is 4 years younger than me that I like Duran and I follow them whenever I can.

I use to be Simon fan until I had a not so good run in with him and but always had a special place in my heart for John even before I met either one of them, now I'm just so into John and quite happy I met him first on many occassions.

Have a Great time

sari said...

"Thankfully I didnt wait around for him as he doesn't seem to know how to get to Canada. :) "

This made me laugh!! :-)

Useless Man said...

Now I'm "Hungry Like A Wolf."

Hope the show was terrific!