08 November 2006

ordinary world.

it's taken me a day to process the events of monday night. i feel like a total geek for saying that, but it's true. seeing the boys play for the first time in YEARS was so totally awesome (to use the jargon of the day). there's no other way to say it at that sums it up, quite frankly.

it was awesome in 2 ways.

the first being that they rocked. completely. duran duran still sounds good. really good. better than ever? the show was totally UP. loud. raucous. fun! it was without pretense. while i have always appreciated their dramatic side, i really liked that there were no props or big themes or costumes or anything. it was just a good band playing good tunes. they appeared somewhat humble. not all like, "aren't we gods?" it was a light mood. it was more like, "let's dance. let's have fun. let's hear some old tunes that are still really good and fun to play. let's reminisce!" but not in a "we can't let go of the past" kind of way. more in a detached, "it's fun to remember these songs" way. this is how it felt to me, anyway. it's funny, i realized while watching that it felt sort of like being with old friends. i spent so much time. SO. MUCH. TIME. watching them as a teenager. i mean, MTV began when i was like, what 12? 13? forget it. i was all over it. and i watched a LOTTA duran. my best friend jen and i would tape them everytime they were on anything. i still have an old VHS with clip after clip of them on MTV and other shows--videos, interviews, concert clips, VeeJ'ing. it's absurd. but watching them on stage i realized that i know the way they look so well, they way they move. which is how i knew right away that that was NOT andy taylor playing guitar. MAJOR bummer.

the second was how much hubby and i needed a night out like that. this wasn't just a concert. we've been to a few of those in the past 2 years. this was all out dancing, jumping, whooping and hollering fun. it was as close as i'll get to being a teenager again and you know what? it was really, REALLY fun. i needed to cut loose. let my hair down, if you will. it was a needed release! stress be gone! and it got me out of my head. out of my routine in a big, all encompassing way. for 2 hours, i was totally there. i was nowhere else in my head or my body. i was focused on the fun.

the combination of these 2 things has left me feeling like i wish i could do it again. it's made the regular "grind" sorta hard to get back into. in the back of my mind i'm still jumping around to "Girls on Film" with hubby. we had the most fun. we talked about nothing important. we ate chocolate cake in the car. we just enjoyed being with each other.

a word about the crowd. the sad part--they were mostly 30-somethings who clearly hadn't left their 80s hair back in the 80s. and there weren't a lot of them. meaning it wasn't sold out or anything. but, it WAS a monday night. it worked out for us, though, cause we totally moved up to about the 12th row. fine by me! there were some kids there, too. by kids i mean teenagers who think it's all cool and retro to dress like boy george. but they were fun. they had a GREAT time and helped the more stodgy people loosen up.

the weirdest thing, though, the most striking sign of the times--when they played "Save a Prayer" people took out not lighters, but CELL PHONES! there was a sea of cell phone lights. that just seemed so wrong. so weird.

well, if you made it this far--thanks for listening to my rant. i'm guess i'm still sort of amazed that it was as fun as it was and that it affected me as much as it did. i "made" hubby buy me shirt. just cause i wanted a physical item to remember the night by.

i need more nights out like that.


Allie said...

Gosh ... I am so very envious of your night! It sounded beautiful. To not only get to spend quality time with your hubby, but to revel in the good ol days of Duran Duran? Wow!

For me - there is just something about the 80's, particularly the early 80's. I can't help but get those warm fuzzy feelings as that was such a fun time in my life. The music was fabulous and the fashion trends hilarious.

Both my hubby and I are somewhat stuck in the 80's; that is with the music only though. We can't seem to pull off the hairstyles or fashions with much credibility anymore. :)

beth said...

That is so utterly awesome. We all need more nights like that.

Sans the cell phones.