08 September 2006

wish me luck!

well, i'm headed to the Mattoon Street Arts Festival this weekend. i got my new designs all done and printed and i'm off to go a'sellin'! if you are in the vicinity--stop by! but in case you aren't here is a sneek peek at the 3 new designs i've got.in case you have no idea what all this is. . . the short story is this:

i was so inspired by my son's existence and by him himself that i started a business making illustrations and putting them on onesies and tees. i sell them at festivals and on my website. the full story and the other designs can be found there as well as my itinerary for fall festivals.

AND if you want to order one email me from the website and i'll give you the "blog friend" discount!

it's fun and also scary selling things you have made. after giving birth i kind of got a superwoman complex. i felt like, "well, hell, if i can do THAT, i can do anything!" so, i started working on making Bubble & Squeak a reality. now, it's a year since my first festival and the website launch and though i am still having a great deal of fun, the superwoman complex is worn off a bit. a lot. so, i'm feeling like it's a bit scary to put myself out there. but i do believe that what is hard is also what makes the most growth, so, i look at bb's face and i head forth out into the public!

wish me luck.


Jamie said...

Wow, cute stuff!
I really admire you for taking on a business with a baby. It must be stressful and exciting and rewarding and scary all at once. Hope the festival brings you lots of customers!

Zoe said...

How awesome!!!! I didn't know that you were an artist! Sooo cute! Good luck. I bet that everyone goes crazy over your designs. You are so creative!

katie said...

Good luck, and have fun! I love the Night Owl one!

beth said...

Good luck! I've always thought it was so awesome that you started this business and are so creative. I love your designs. (What's the blog friend discount?:)

I've been thinking about doing apost about blogging mommy businesses I've come across some time soon. Would it be ok if I included you and linked and stuff?

Good luck again!

Tracey said...

Oh good luck! Those are sweet!

Anonymous said...

Take a break and get away from it all. Take a Alaskan Glacier Cruise to rid the stress!

Lindsay said...

"i'm new here."

BWAH! good one. if i had a baby, s/he'd totally wear that.

RookieMom Heather said...

These are totally cute -- good luck!

Leslie said...

hi--found your blog through itybtyfrog's. must have the "hi, I'm new here" for my little 5-week old. and i love the innocence mission from your profile)! just had to share. :)