06 September 2006

trucks trucks trucks

every morning bb gets up and plays with his trucks. he's all about the vehicles. here's some pics of today. but even better is the narration.

this is what he was saying. verbatim. (yes, i am a freak, i went and got a pen.)

(after he lined them all up)
"have a party. . . just like ME!" (he still remembers fondly his birthday party)

(pointing the pick-up truck toward the jeep)
"hey-o, jeep, how you doin'"
"that's good."

(picking up jeep)
"turn his wheels. go fast!"

"see that mommy? jeep goes quick-quick!"

he's in a big watch this, watch me phase. every morning it's "mommy, look at THIS!" his language is getting so developed. he's started using "th
is" and "that", "in" and "at" a lot and filling out sentences with all the connectors. it's all new. i love it. and he loves. . . trucks.


Jamie said...

It's amazing how much kids love trucks, or vehicles, and how much they can learn about them. My nephew had an alphabet book that had some sort of truck for each letter of the alphabet and at 2 years old he could name them all just from the pictures.

beth said...

I think it's so interesting that the boys love the wheeled objects. I mean, I know that neither you nor I specifically set forth to get them to like stereotypical "boy things," if anything we probably both set forth to avoid anything gender specific, and yet both of our guys went for it on their own. I'm living vicariously through bb's speach development - Sam is STILL not talking.

katie said...

Does he pronounce "truck" correctly? We are constantly hearing, "Mama! Look, big f--k!". A bit uncomfortable in social situations!

Nettie said...

Talking jeep? I love it!

Tracey said...

How sweet! My first son was a wheel freak. He'd turn everything over and spin them over and over. My aunt has a wheelchair with small wheels that don't touch the floor (she's a quadriplegic) and he used to sit behind her a spin them...

Nikkie said...

My little guy is totally in to everything with wheels too. I never went and got him cars and trucks, he just always seemed to gravitate twords them. Now he has a sick number of them!