12 September 2006

they liked me, they really liked me!

after 3 days of no internet service (boooo!) i'm back online again! whew. i was starting get all twitchy and sweaty after 3 days of no blogging, no emailing, no surfing. but it's okay now. the color is coming back to my face.

so, i had a great time this past weekend at the festival. i totally
won a prize! i was awarded a red ribbon in the "mixed media" category. second place is pretty cool! i was surprised to say the least. i also sold more than i ever have at a festival, so i guess the new designs went over well.

THANK YOU so much for all the encouraging words. i really, really appeciated that.

and here's a couple of photos one of the festival and one of yesterday's apple picking adventure.


Jamie said...

Congratulations! Isn't it wonderful when hard work pays off?

Nikkie said...

Way to go! I'm glad that all of your work payed off!

itybtyfrog said...

Congratulations on second place!! The clothes are adorable! Glad the festival went so well.

Gina said...

I love those designs! So creative and smart! Happy to hear about your ribbon! Whoohoo!

Brony said...

Congrats. Great photos. The clothes are very cute.