22 August 2006

updates galore!

here's the pictures i promised. we've had quite a summer. 2 birthdays (boy and hubby) and a great week at the beach with the fam. here's some photographic updates!

here is bb blowing out the candles on his icecream cake which i made and had a chocolate dumptruck on it and little work zone cones. being the spaz that i am, i put it on backwards (which no one noticed) then proceeded to obsess over having done it.

we have a party tradition that started at our wedding called "happy fun ball." it's basically volleyball with a beach ball. we love it because anyone can play, no one gets hurt, EVERYONE laughs--what could be better? it's fun to give the adults something fun to do at a kid's party. we can play for many many hours. it becomes "happy-but-somewhat-competitive-i-don't-care-if-the-mosquitos-are-eating
by the end of the day.

bb is way into vehicles of all kinds, but the jeep holds a special place in his heart. . . and his grammy knew that so she got him this jeep. he loved it. it was all he cared about at the entire party.

ALL. HE. CARED. ABOUT. (cake? what cake?)

here's my little boy getting some quality beach time. on this trip his language development took another step forward. he's really becoming quite the conversationalist. recent favoites include, "how are you today, mommy?" (after lots of banging) "i'm trying to open this!" and "i'm ready for a nap now." yes, we love that last one the most.

and the favorite beach activity award goes to. . .TRUCK CAKES! sand castles are so old school. we made "cakes" of every kind--bus, dumptruck, tractor and firetruck. good sandy times!

so, now that we're up to date, i hope to be a better blogger and start posting more often and keeping up with the Monday Munch. speaking of which the previously posted Apple Oat Pancakes were a hit with the niece and nephew last week.

OH! and i learned (sort of) how to knit! i'd show you a picture of my progress, but there's not much to see yet. hopefully soon i'll have a real, live, hand-knit scarf, though. wish me luck!

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beth said...

Yep, if there's a wheeled object in the room who cares what else is around? I like the truck cakes.

I look forward to your frequent posting.