25 August 2006

looking into the future

the other night i was getting bb ready for bed. we were sitting on the guest bed having a little snack and he comes over and leans on me and says, "how are YOU today?" i tried SO hard not to laugh and to take him seriously because i wanted to see where the conversation would go, but he caught me. "fiiiine," i stuttered through a laugh. "how are you?" "good," he said.

today i overheard him talking to his trucks and cars and the now-famous jeep. he wasn't just talking, he was narrating to them like this:

i said, "jeep, want to go down the ramp?"
jeep said, "no, just take a rest."

i said "jeep want to go down the ramp?"
jeep said, "yes, go down NOW!"

(when the jeep fell)

oopsie! that's okay, jeep. that's okay.

everyday he becomes more conversational and i feel like anything could come out of his mouth. one day he's going to ask me "how are you today?" and a real conversation will ensue. he's only just turned 2, but it feels like 5. he feels old and big and like a boy. a real little boy. and i still sit and wonder how he's grown so fast. as if i haven't been here watching it.

i'm already becoming one of those "who told you you could grow up" kind of moms.
i'm already trying to sneak one more kiss then he really wants me to have.
i'm already missing him.

what am i going to do when kindegarten comes?


Nikkie said...

Sounds like we're in the same boat. My little guy just turned a year old and I'm already missing my baby! My partner joked with me about how cute he'd look going off to kindergarten and I almost cried!

katie said...

Oh my Goodness, you mentioned kindergarten! Never mention kindergarten, I'll have an anxiety attack!

Jamie said...

So cute that he comforted his jeep when it fell!

beth said...

I know, I know. Every time I pick Sam up I ask him how and when he got so big. And I keep looking at all of his baby pictures and wondering how this happened. Don't worry about the K word. You have a lot of time and so much will happen before then.

I love the jeep narration!

bubandpie said...

My Bub is almost three, but since he has a speech delay we're only now starting to get those little "dialogues" from him and I LOVE it. It's such a great window into how they perceive the world and what's bothering them.