09 August 2006

Adventures of Babyfood

So this morning, after a couple weeks of reading "Super Baby food" during Sky's naps and whenever I had some spare time, I decided to plunge into my first attempt at homemade baby food.

Please understand that I don't cook. The worst part is that I really don't know how to organize things so that I'm not exhausted afterwards. However, I want Sky to get as much of a good foundation as possible (one I don't think I had).

As you can see from the amount of dishes this produces, one must be quite determined to see the process through. And I am determined (I think) - even with a baby yelling in the background for a breakfast that was due an hour before, and my discovering while the broccoli was steaming that babies aren't supposed to eat broccoli before eight months. Oh. Now you tell me. Well, I reason, he's almost 71/2, close enough for a little spoonful or two. Besides, I don't have time to figure out how to cook a butternut squash, and that's my only other option (these things are as dense and heavy as a tank. What in the hell is a butternut squash doing masquerading as a tan tank?!). Things would have continued to go along swimmingly until I cut my finger with my new, oh so sharp, Henkle knife.

So, now I'm bleeding on the broccoli I'm not supposed to be cooking, throwing little Fingerfoods at Sky to help him forget the feeling of starvation, and discovering that, yes, it is possible to make a tourniquet from a wet paper towel. Finally... the porridge is done (thank God for the Vitamix), the broccoli is pureed, the Brewer's yeast is added... and I sit down to feed my little angel his super nutritious breakfast. I am glowing. I did it! I offer him his first spoonful of my love and devotion... and see the face every mother prays to never see at mealtime. Squinty eyes, a puckered mouth, and a look that says, WHAT IN HELL ARE YOU TRYING TO DO HERE? DO YOU EXPECT ME TO EAT THIS STUFF?

What? How could this be? So I take a spoonful and... hmmm. I guess I didn't cook the porridge quite long enough after all, nor perhaps, puree it enough either. The broccoli needed a few secs longer in the blender as well - and the Brewer's yeast? Well, I love the stuff, so he just doesn't have a choice there. Still... I could see his point. Egads. At least he finished it - under much protest - and I followed it up with a banana and yogurt chaser, something that took me all of three minutes and which he loved. Of course. So ends my first adventure in baby food. I think I learned a lot, and hope I can pull my act together enough to make this slightly less bloody, and infinitely more smooth the next time.

Bon appetite!


beth said...

I have also been experimenting with the Super Baby Food book! Last night I threw out the remains of a rock hard, burned, and very dense whole wheat banana bread.

April said...

Well, I'm pretty close to throwing out the super porridge I made, because just this morning after I tasted it again (and after another good round in the blender to puree), I realized I used brown Basmati rice - which is great with veggies, but YUCK for baby food (especially mixed with banana!). Just got home with some regular brown rice, and will probably start all over!

Anonymous said...

Have you heard about these companies that make "home made" baby food that is fresh and organic? Some even deliver to your home like Sprouts Baby Food Inc. in Seattle.

I think companies like these are cool and are great for those of us who don't have time to make our own baby food.