05 August 2006

where've i been?

for the 2 or 3 of you who care,

i'm sorry to be so lax on posting. and i missed a monday munch! and probably will again. it's the sad truth.

where've i been?

1. we had a party for bb's 2nd birthday. it was major bigtime toddler fun. and it was a lot of work to do. photos and such to come.

2. it's been so effing hot here that i haven't had any energy to do much beyond dragging myself and my kid to the lake beach or pond to swim.

3. bubble and squeak (see sidebar web biz) is under major deadlines. busy busy!

4. i've been feeling major blog anxiety. nothing interesting to say. not funny. not thought-provoking. not original. blah.

i hope to back in action soon, though.

may your summers be filled with fresh fruit and lots of good old fashioned water play! marco polo anyone?


katie said...

Argh, I feel that often about my blog, I think summer is too busy, when the weather gets bad we will all be back. Enjoy yourself :) Can't wait to see photos of the party!

beth said...

I kkind of enjoyed my blogging hiatus because I was really feeling that anxiety too. It's good to remember we do this for fun, not stress.

Can't wait to see some good toddler chaos.

April said...

Kate, I know just what you mean - this is the problem I have with writing on-line (and talking to people in general, truth be told!). I think you're doing just fine... I'm going to add a post on my recent foray into making my own baby food... if you don't have a lot to say one week, I'll try and fill in the gap!