10 July 2006

Super Stool (not as gross as it sounds) & the Monday Munch

we've discovered sweet reprieve from "pick baby up, see mommy DOING?" it's called "Super Stool." no, silly, it's not an oversized dookie. it's real name is The Learning Tower, which somehow became SS in our house. we do have sick senses of humor sometimes.

i digress.

we bought SS because our toddler became SO INTO helping us do stuff (mainly me) in the kitchen and it's my fault really. whenever i can't think of something to do with him and his buddy who comes over everyday, i go to the kitchen and we bake/cook something. but we didn't have a good, safe way for him to participate. so we sought one out and that led us to SS. now we can make pizza, sandwiches, cookies, whatever--together! it's great fun. it's climbable. it's versatile. it's SUPER!

and while i'm on the subject of food. . .
i'm kind of a health food mom. i'm not like a real hard-core, tofu slingin', vegan-type health foodie, but i'm the kind who doesn't give her kid refined sugar hardly at all. he drinks soy milk, we eat mostly organic and a minimum of store-bought, processed stuff. we buy a farm share every spring and we go to the farm once a week thru Thanksgiving. bb only had his first popsicle 2 days ago and it was one that i made with organic yogurt and fruit. see what i'm sayin'? that's the kinda mom i am.

and i like to cook. SO, if you are looking for healthy snacks and things to feed your little one then perhaps you'll enjoy the MONDAY MUNCH here at Peeping Moms. every monday (starting NEXT monday) i'll be posting ideas and recipes--mostly things that have been a hit around here. maybe you'll have some things to share too.

see you next week! and think about getting yourself a super stool, too. . .put an end to "mommy doing???"


itybtyfrog said...

What a great stool! I need three of them. I am excited for Munching Monday. I am always looking for new recipes. I have started eliminating Hydrogenated oils from our diets. I am working on being healthier one step at a top. I would love to hear about what you do.

beth said...

I like this Monday Munch idea. I need to benefit from your health food slinging. And I'll need to remember Super Stool for when the time comes. It looks awesome.

Zoe said...

That is so cool!!! I need to get one of those!! Except that Myles would be climbing all over the counter tops! Cute pictures of your little one helping out. I love it!

Thank you also for your words of comfort on my blog! :)

kate said...

itybtyfrog: you can put to kids in one of these. i do it all the time w/ two toddlers. as long as they aren't too diff. in height it works well.

zoe: you can raise or lower the part where they stand to avoid escapees!

yes, i'm a big fan of SS. it really helps little ones feel and BE involved in things. they love it.

Mega Mom said...

Seeing as my kids fall off the kitchen stools ALL THE TIME, this is a great idea. I look forward to MM!