18 May 2006

getting better all the time

so, last night i'm sitting on the couch with my hands sticking straight up in the air because it's unbearable to have them touching anything and i hear my husband upstairs taking bb into his room for bed. i yell goodnight and bb says (as clearly as he's ever said anything) "good night, mommy. i love you." (love comes out "yuv") it's probably the only thing that could have put a smile on my face. thank goodness for that little boy!

i'm on the mend. i can type now--at least a little. . .



katie said...

Oh my! Hopefully it will all clear up sooner than later. As for your comment about Jack's haircut, if you look closely at the picture he has cookie crumbs on his lip and no smock on. That seemed to do the trick! It took probably less than two minutes and he nibbled on his cookie the whole time :)

beth said...

Oh, isn't it great how they can give you that exact thing you need to help you out.