15 May 2006

mother's day

hey, everyone, how was your mother's day?

me? i was supposed to go out to brunch at my favorite restaurant with my son, husband and a few others. but instead, i did something more fun! that's right, i went to the EMERGENCY ROOM! woot woot!

not for anything glamorous. i wasn't like, hiking some dangerous terrain or even doing anything fun. i stupidly got poison ivy. REALLY REALLY badly. my face feels like a 3 foot thick scouring pad and i can barely use my hands (2 finger, poke typing, here).

happy, mother's day, kate! here's a painful shot of steroids in the butt! wheee!


April said...

Kate, what a bummer!! After you heal, I think you deserve a rain check for anything your little heart desires!

Laura said...

Oh Kate! I wish I was there to help!

beth said...

Oh no. I am so sorry. I got poison ivy in my eye once. It swelled shut. No good.