05 December 2007


well, we've got snow. already. we're buckling up for a long winter here in the northeast.

last winter bb wasn't so into the snow. he was all, "I'm cold!" "It's too windy!" "Want to go inside!" this year, so far, at least, he just wants to eat snow. every time we step out he's putting it in his mouth. he's fascinated with the whole thing. i'm not sure why. today we caught snow flakes on our tongues and pretended we were baby birds.

i'm debating whether i should tell him that when we were kids we'd mix snow with kool-aid powder and eat that for a snack. . .

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Tracey said...

Hope the winter doesn't drag for you with a toddler and a baby. I remember that winter with my first two... Don't let yourself feel closed in. Hit the indoor fun spots regularly!