18 November 2007


yesterday was my 36th birthday and my daughters 2 month birthday. 2 of my good friends came to visit. my son and hubby made me a cake. there were many balloons and i got 2 gifts that i was wanting muchly.

:: the first--the new Duran Duran album. album titles and artwork have never been
their forte in my opinion. but i'm psyched to have it none-the-less.

:: the second--a book i have borrowed from the library 3 times in the
last year, so i'm totally jazzed to finally own it!

the best gift of all? my sweet, 2 month old babe continues to sleep really well. nothing like her brother. thank GOD. if she was, this mommy'd be in serious dire straits.

so, im a pretty happy birthday girl!


sari said...

Happy (late) birthday! Iy sounds like a wonderful day!

Allie said...

Oh happy birthday!! I know it is late and all but we can never celebrate birthdays or joy enough.

yay for your daughter sleeping. It truly is wonderful isn't it?