15 June 2007

wet water.

i've blogged about it before and i probably will again. i've got 2 toddlers-about-to-be-pre-schoolers on my hands (one mine, one not) and they need stuff to do.

somedays i'm really organized and i plan stuff for them--little activities or something fun to do in the kitchen. we made scones last week---YUM! there are days (and you know what i'm saying if you're a stay-at-home mom) when they need more than i got. so, i have to be able to preempt the meltdown when i see it coming. somedays they can happily skip around from thing to thing outside. today was not one of those days.

so, i turned to my old, faithful mommy trick---water.
water can keep these guys busy for an hour. if i add some color, fo'gitaboudit. they're gonners. today i gave them each a bowl filled with water and the food coloring of their choice.

throw some plastic cups at them and they're off! they spent a good chunk of the morning moving the water from one vessel to the other. including the bb's wheelbarrow and his tractor's trailer. "i'm going to scoop some WET water!"

this is serious good times for these guys. if you're having "one of those days" and you need something else to do. try water. it's simple. it's wet. and we all have it (aren't we lucky?)

what are your fail-safes? do you have an activity that never lets you down? if so, pass it on!


Kathryn said...

That is so cool! We are getting Ellie a little kiddie pool for our mini front yard. But I like the food coloring idea. We do warm, cold water with her too - and that is fun as well.

Hope you are feeling well!

sari said...

we play Treasure Hunt. I have to draw pictures of things, and then the next clue is where that picture is.

My kids usually color or do a puzzle while they wait for me to do the clues (which takes a little while, I'll admit) but they don't get impatient because they like to find things.

The water idea is great!

PS for some reason, if I use my husband's laptop, it doens't freeze up on my when I visit your page! I guess I'll have to just catch up on the weekends, lol.

Allie said...

Great idea!! One that I will definitely have to try!

Of late, on rainy days, I download activity and craft pages from either treehousetv.com or nickjr.com. They are usually of Diego, Toopy & Binou or whatever else happens to be my son's favourites that day. We have made spotting scopes, rainfall catchers, paper windmills etc. It is super easy as I am a very creatively challenged person.