24 June 2007

my baby is going to camp

so, tomorrow bb goes to his first day of camp. it's being held at the school he'll attend in fall. he'll go from 9-3 monday thru thursday next week and the week following.

he's never gone anywhere for that long without me or daddy or a family member with him. yes, mommy's feeling a bit nervous about it.

i know he's ready. i see it everyday. i often say to hubby, "he's going to love school." i think he's ready for friends and to have more things to do in his day. . .especially when he wants mommy to play with him every minute of the day! and he's doing great with the potty. i wouldn't say it's going incredibly fast, but it's going. . . HE'S going. sometimes he'll go twice in a day, other days not at all. but that's all fine.

daddy will drop him off tomorrow at camp. i'm not letting on how i feel, but i'm afraid that if i were to drop him off i'd get all emotional and maybe he'd start to be afraid or sad when really i think he's going to be excited.

i tell myself, "there's nothing to fear. he loves it there! you trust his teacher, he's familiar with her and her ways and he'll have a great time."

but then the other voice creeps in and says, "what if he cries and wants to go home? what if a kids isn't nice to him? what if he feels abandoned?"

in my heart i know that if he feels this way, he'll get thru it. and i'd rather teach him how to navigate those feelings then to shelter him from having them.

still. it hurts a little. letting him go.


katie said...

I am so nervous about preschool, I kind of wish I had put Jack into something like this over the summer.
We had a "mini-preschool" day last week with all of the kids who are going to be in jack's class in the fall. My heart just twisted when Jack shyly showed off his new light up shoes to another little boy and the little boy turned his back to Jack and ignored him. Luckily Jack tryed again with another boy and all went well. Still makes me nervous tho'!

Adventures In Babywearing said...

Oh wow, I can't imagine! I never even thought about what my mom might have felt when I went to camp!


Tracey said...

CAmp!!! What fun for him. You will find yourself wandering about, wondering what to do with yourself, no doubt. But you'll be happy that he has had the experience. Good luck!

Allie said...

Camp? I wish there was something like that for my son to go to! I love spending every minute with him, but I think that he would love the stimulation and activities that one would get out of camp. I am a camp guru, spending a couple of weeks of my summer at them up until the age of 30.

He will have fun, but you will be nervous. There is no getting over that. While I haven't sent my son to camp before, I remember how nervous I was to leave him at a dayhome for the very first time. The first month killed me really.