19 March 2007

i love my kid.

yesterday bb said the following to me:

"mommy, you call me silly and i'll call you snicklefritz, okaaaaaaay???"

(*added--and daddy comes home today! wheeee!*)


Tracey said...

Snicklefritz? That's some imagination. Glad your hubby's coming home!

Allie said...

Hope that it is a happy home coming for you all!!

Have fun Snicklefritz!!

sari said...


PS I tagged you for a meme. It's small and easy.

And I still have to do your movie meme!

beth said...

Hey there Snicklefritz. Glad you are joined again by the hubs. That was a long trip - not sure I could have survived. Feeling better yet?

And I may just have to do that movie meme...