16 February 2007

getting through it.

winter is hard. we're all trapped inside and i've got cagey toddlers. and we finally got a big snow. been waiting all winter for this to come!

we had 2 days of
daddy being home. all of us snowed in. chocolate chip pancakes. good books. music. fresh baked bread. good.

hubby decided to get bb all suited up and take him out sledding.

20 minutes to get his coat and snow pants on. another 20 to get boots and mittens on. time outside? 6 minutes. well, it was nasty out there! who could blame a kid.

so, we decided today, if he doesn't want to sled outside, we'll bring the sled inside! why not?

we've also been making lots and lots of forts.
and telling stories with Happy Gnome.

every day i get closer to being over morning sickness and a day closer to Spring. both will come. i'm hanging in.

how are you doing?


Leslie said...

thanks for asking! well, we're not quite as cooped up as you are, you'd probably kill for our sunny 45 degree day today, even though we're very cold! i must say, though, i am so glad i'm not pregnant and sick. :)
hang in there!

lindsay said...


is that gnome who i think he is?

kate said...

lbh, no, he's not. this one his grammy gave him. but we still have the one you are thinking of!!!! we named him Hodge.

Todd M. Howard said...

I soooooo remember being 2 or 3 and being in the snow for the first time, it was good-cold, and awesome-slippery and wonderful-wet. Mom and dad were rubbing wax on the bottom of their brown wooden criss country skis, and I was sitting on a small snowbank and our dog Amos was running around... to be that age again and get your first big snowfall of the year... just amazing :) I bet the little ones had a magnifiscent time!! :) -T

Todd M. Howard said...

... as soon as I got in the house and got warm, I immediately started working on my spelling.
(magnificent) oops! -t-howe

sari said...

It's about 70 here! I'm laying around reading and looking forward to tomorrow because no school and my husband doesn't have to work.

I'm glad you're feeling a bit better, and inside forts are probably one of the top 10 best things about being a kid! :-)

Adventures In Babywearing said...

We had two snow days last week, right before winter break so this is a looong winter break!

Our kids spend the same amount of time getting bundled for outside versus actually being outside.

If you have the chance, be sure to stop by & participate in a Photo Tag of Your Mom here!

Jamie said...

FORTS! I am so looking forward to those! I think....