06 February 2007

cabin fever.

help! i need ideas.

got toddlers at home? how do you keep them engaged and busy all day?

it's snowy and really freakin' cold here right now. everyday for 3 hours i have another 2.5 year old to take care of. while this is nice because they do entertain each other, lately there's a lot of competition, arguing, wanting to be first/best. it's draining.

i used to do a really good job of keeping a rhythm and i think they needed that. we had a loose schedule of things we did, but i tell you it's so much easier when it includes outside time.

we do some activities out in the world. today we go to the library for story time, tomorrow we go to a playgroup at the local community center, thursdays we sometimes go to the splash pool if the smell of the pool doesn't make me sick.
but there is still a lot of time in the day where i have one or two toddlers who are bored. i'm feeling gross most of the time. tired. low energy. but i have to try harder to give the guys some things to do.

so. . . help! do you have any activities to do indoors with your kids that they like? how do you deal with boredom and/or cabin fever? any ideas would be welcome!


Jamie said...

My daughter isn't that age yet, so I can't really help too much... but do you try some simple crafts? kiddley.com has GREAT ideas.

Mike said...

Maybe it's just me. But although I spend the whole day with my 3-year old and 1-year old, I try not to schedule too much activities for them.

Somedays, we'll doodle. Somedays, we'll paint. Somedays, we'll bake.

Most of the time, I give them the space to do whatever they want as long as it is not dangerous for them. They'll make a mess. They'll scream. But pretend play is ... well, the bestest.


sari said...

We do a lot of arts & crafts. Mostly using colored pencils or crayons, so it's not TOO messy. But I've always been pretty lucky, both my boys will sit and draw forever.

Five and I have started a game where we write numbers on clothespins. He puts them in order (forwards, we're going to work on backwards) and also, uses each one to clip to something in the house that matches (Five = teddy bears in a group. Three - toothbrushes in a cup, etc).

Kind of fun, you can keep the numbers simple for toddlers.

Tracey said...

Dancing, girl. Dancing. Turn on kid songs or rock n roll really loud. It'll surprise them and get them dancing.

Baking is a good idea. Have them pour things on turn and then frost or whatever. Lots of fun.

And Arts is a good idea. Bring out the glue and safety scissors. Let them cut and cut and glue and glue. On a large oilcloth, of course! Fingerpainting, if you can contain them in the kitchen on a cloth.

Make forts with sheets or obstacle courses. Use pillows and tunnels and blankets. My boys liked to use Daddy's shoes as things to jump over, for some reason...

beth said...

Oh God, if only I had answers for you. Between the weather, lingering colds, and morning sickness Sam and I have been trapped in this apartment for a month. We're both going nutty.

My first thought for your guys would be activities that are physical, sort of like what Tracey was saying. Lots of dancing/movement activities can take up time and get out some energy. There's always freeze dance, dancing with scarves, musical chairs, moving like favorite animals, morphing 2 animals into one, etc. Are they old enough to do "talent shows"? I am also a big fan of the obstacle course. Silly things like having them wear dad's shoes and race down the hall and stuff.

Anonymous said...

Let them play house under the card table. They can bring in cushions, have tea parties, put toys in stacked boxes. Give them a sheet to drape over it for walls. Sofa cushions can go inside or nearby.