25 January 2007

who's the baby?

one of the most strange and uncomfortable things that happened in my last pregnancy has reared it's head again. only this time much sooner in the pregnancy. Excessive Saliva. yes, gross. really gross.

yesterday i was trying to take a nap while bb napped. i have to say this is a major perk to being home with a toddler and building a new baby. i couldn't nap at work last time. and dang it i'm tired! anyway, so, i'm laying in bed trying to relax and hopefully sleep, but i can't because of the freakin' water works coming out of my mouth. i had to spit every 5 seconds. and if i didn't, i just dripped. it was AWFUL. if i swallowed it i just felt sicker. if i spit it out, i was grossed out and couldn't sleep. i felt like a drooling, teething infant myself. or a panting dog all slobbering around. or a gummy old man chewing tobaccy. i eventually gave up the nap idea, grabbed an empty can to spit into and cranked up and episode of the Gilmore Girls. (yes i have all the DVDs, yes, i'm aware of all the shows' faults and yes, i still love it. no teasing please.)

have any of you encountered this? so far, all i have found that helps is chewing wickedly crazy strong mint gum. . . and spitting.


Allie said...

Yikes! I can't say that I have experienced excess like that!

Perhaps you might have to resign yourself to wearing a bib? (insert big giggle grin here).

Good luck and I hope that you find something to help you out! Have you asked your doctor or naturopath?

Jamie said...

I didn't have excess saliva, I don't think... but I had a bad taste in my mouth at the beginning. Kind of metallic I would say. It was awful, I think I would have rather drooled :)

sari said...

that's kind of weird. i've heard of it, but didn't have it.

maybe turtlenecks? hee hee

katie said...

Yikes, odd things occur in pregnancy, don't fret! Sorry I haven't gotten back to you, I can't find your email on your blog and I have been a bad blogger lately! My email is katiehollott@gmail.com, give me a shout and I will get you the password!
I will be doing a big post soon, and it seems we have something else in common now (wink, wink!)

Zoe said...

Soo funny!! I actually drool a lot on a normal basis!!! It is gross, I know. I didn't have anything like that when I was pregnant but I have heard that you create more body fluids! Hopefully it will go away. Good luck!! :)

Mike said...

No comment here, except to say to have a great week ahead.


Tracey said...

No help on this one. Sorry. I can just imagine how any of your options would gross out a pregnant woman... Ew... What about drinking MORE to keep the mouth moist? Maybe your body won't have to overproduce?

Amy said...

Your pregnancy sickness sounds like it might be Hyperemesis. I'm not a medical person, but I had it with both kids. I never had the excess saliva, but know someone who did. Me, I was regulated to living on a medication pump just to keep any food at all down. I found this site really helpful during my pregnancies: http://www.hyperemesis.org/

Good luck! :)