11 January 2007

time to sign

One of my good friends from college had a baby girl a few years back. We were talking on the phone one day and she told me that she had taught her under a year old baby to sign. Her daughter could sign when she wanted milk or to be held, and when her daddy drove up to the house, she would hear him coming and sign “daddy.” I thought this was just totally amazing and awesome—especially because we want so much to communicate with our babies. When my son was a wee one, I taught him the sign for milk so he could tell me when he wanted to nurse. I also taught him the sign for “cat” because he thrilled at seeing our cat, Boo.

There’s a great website with really wonderful resources for teaching babies and children to sign;visit ChildSigning.com by clicking here . My favorite are the flashcards that have color photos of kids doing the signs. It’s a great way for kids to learn. There are also DVDs for teaching kids at different ages how to sign. They have great resources for parents who want to teach babies. It’s something I totally want to do more of if I have another child. It’s a wonderful way to connect and this site has many resources. This is a paid post.


sari said...

Five is learning sign language in preschool, and it's really cool. I wish I would have started teaching him myself when he was younger, because he was always one of those babies that you could tell didn't want to be a baby and was frustrated because he couldn't tell us what he wanted.

By the way, I've tagged you. You're it!

beth said...

I really regret not signing with Sam. It's one thing I'd change and I hope to be more diligent with the next one. Thanks for the resources.

Tracey said...

Yeah, we totally do the signs. I am not that over the top though. She currently has about a dozen signs and a few words. Several signs stand for more than one thing. Oh, and she can nod her head! It's the cutest thing.

katie said...

We never signed, but Jack had his own little sign language!
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kate said...

hey katie, i can't email you because i can't get onto your blog in order to get your email address! how about you email me!

Nicole said...

I teach at a Mother's Day out and we had a little girl last year (I teach in the 0-12mths. class) that was deaf. She could sign, so we had to learn a few thing. It is fun and ALL the kids loved it.

I only signed with my youngest. He is 2 1/2. He is STILL signing some words as he speaks them. I just that is the cutest thing.