26 November 2006

much to be thankful for

i'm lucky to have a family who wants to share the joys of what we are all thankful for.
we had a lovely day. the turkey took a very long time to cook. it rained all day. we have a small house. but no one seemed to mind.
bb and hubby prepped the turkey.

there were candles, flowers and pumpkins.

the tables were set--mismatched, but set.

there was much pie consumption in the land.

and to top it all off--trivial pursuit. what more could one ask for in a holiday? i hope yours was all you hoped it would be.


Allie said...

Oh Kate: First Duran Duran and now I find out a family tradition for you is Trivial Pursuit too?

Are you sure that we aren't perhaps in some way related?

Happy Belated Thanksgiving!

beth said...

Glad you guys had a lovely day...despite the rain.