28 September 2006

new words

one of my favorite things about bb's language development is that he makes new words. it started because he couldn't say the real word or couldn't remember what it was. i'm sure all kids do this. he's had made-up words for everything from the vacuum to the garbage truck. the funny thing is seeing what sticks.

every morning hubby and i start the day with a protein drink. with it we take our vitamins. eventually bb became interested in drinking some, too. and eventually he wanted to make it with us. he loves to press the blender buttons. one day not long after he had discovered that he liked the taste he kept asking us for "noo-noo." we just looked at each othere like, "what is he getting at." we eventually realized he wanted the drink--which we just called protein. how he got noo-noo from protein we'll never know. but for a good 6 months now, that's what we call it. and probably will forever more. even when bb's not in the room we'll ask each other if there's any noo-noo to be had.

the next time it happened was with yet another blender drink. the ever-popular smoothie. who doesn't love a good smoothie in the summer? it's one of bb's favorite things and i could actually get him to eat his dinner by bribing him with a smoothie.
which was great because it's not like a smoothie bad for him. not like offering a cookie as bait. well, the poor little, speech-challenged bug couldn't say smoothie. so, he invented "poo-vin." one of his most often uttered phrases over the summer was, "mommy! poo-vin time!!"

the third instance is by far the funniest. . . at least to us. hubby caught a cold last week and has been blowing his nose every other second. bb hasn't seen this action since last winter, so i think it surprised him. he didn't get it. he said to hubby, "what's daddy doin'?" "what you doin', daddy?" daddy didn't answer because he was dealing with his boogery situation. bb said, "daddy. . . daddy's. . .daddy's SNOZIN'!!!" (pronounced snow-zin).

needless to say hubby cracked up and couldn't wait to tell me about snozin'.
now it's also become an adjective. "daddy feels snozy."

the sad part is bb woke up this morning with the snozies, too.
pass the Puffs Plus, please.


Leslie said...

kate-feel free to use pictures of my silly boy on your website! the onesie is so cute, and great quality. thanks!

katie said...

Ugh, we are all snotty over here so I feel you pain.
A little girl I used to nanny called snoring "snorkiln'" which was so frickingcute. I love toddler language, it's so inventive :)

Nikkie said...

Those are just some very cute and funny words he made up! I hope he's done snozin soon!

beth said...

I love all his little words. Poovin, hehe. I can't wait for this phase to begin.

sari said...

Hi! Thanks for stopping by my blog to say hi, now I'm here to say hello to you! (FYI, I was always a Duran Duran fan too, just so you know!)

When my oldest was little (he's eight now) he always used to go in the kitchen and say "I want a something up there!"

It took us a while to figure out what he wanted, but we finally did.He could see the marshmallows in a bag on the shelf, and he would always point up there and I'd say "Do you see something up there?" and that's what he thought they were called.

Kids are the best, aren't they?