20 July 2006

my birthday boy

next week my "baby" turns 2. i was watching the new Superman movie last night with hubby--one of our few dates out in the last 2 years--and i was remembering the old chris reeve ones. remember when lois gets stuck in the earthquake crack and "dies?" our fearless hero actually turns time back by forcing the earth to rotate the other way. sometimes i really really wish i could do that, cause, man, life is going by so fast. faster than a speeding bullet at times.

sure, some of it i wouldn't want to relive. the scary few hours after bb was born and we weren't sure he was okay--no thanks. the first weeks of not getting more than 2 hours of sleep at a time. i'm all set. the first time he got really sick. i'll pass. but, the good stuff, even what some would call mundane. . .i wish i could feel some of it again. the way he smelled when he was 2 days old. the first time he hugged me. the day he really seemed to "come alive" out of that newborn, alien phase. the day he was nursing with me on the couch (as we had done for hours and days) and he pulled himself off my breast, turned his head, looked at me and smiled. it was like he was saying hello for the first time.

how is it he's already walking, talking, eating, running and saying things like, "it's my berfday!" and "go to beach with mommy with daddy TODAY?" and the daddy-heartbreaking, "daddy stay home. play wiff baybee?"

hubby and i used to imagine what he'd be like. but he's truly better than anything we could have dreamed up. when i was pregnant hubby would say, "someday there's gonna be a little dude running around here!" it seemed impossible. like superman. like turning back time. but now he's 2.

let the party planning begin.


katie said...

Happy birthday little man! And happy Birth Day to you :) I am wishing for the time travel lately too, but right now is pretty awesome.

beth said...

I loved remembering some of those first moments you've reminded me about (and remembering some of those times in which we'd like to "pass" on). They do get old fast. And as they get older they just create more of those little moments.

Happy birthday to the little dude running around there. And will there be party pics?

Adventures In Babywearing said...

It all happens too fast (so, do lots of blogging & take lots of pics & videos) but it is so fun to watch them grow.