27 May 2006

what have i done to piss the Universe off?


1. *STILL* recovering from poison ivy. my homeopath says i may be having a "curative response" to the remedies prescribed. this sounds good in the long run, but the short term is completely frustrating and tiresome. i feel helpless to make it all better.

2. bb is sick with a nasty cold-cough combo. up the past 2 nights hacking away. stands up in his crib and cries, "boooogies!" i feel helpless to make it all better.

3. i sliced my finger open yesterday trying to quickly make lunch while bb whined at my knee. yet another way i can't use my hands!

4. i have some sort of pinched nerve/annoying pain going on that i can't identify. yep, helpless.

just what the hell is going on here? i think it's time the powers that be stop picking on me! i've done my time!


katie said...

Phew! I will try to send healing thoughts your way! Jack does a similar thing when he has a clold, "nose is stubby! nose is stubby!". Very sad, and not much you can do unfortunately. Hopefully it all passes soon (actually, it WILL all pass soon, it's the getting to the other end that's the hard bit!)

itybtyfrog said...

I am sorry that so much tragedy has struck your family. I hope you all get better soon.

April said...

Kate, when this much crap hits the fan, it seems as if the Universe is trying to tell me that I'm not in control. Of anything. Period. It's my own personal little reminder to surrender.

And most of the time, the only way to get that I am not the ego is when nothing goes as planned. I am then forced to look beyond what is presented so as to discover my Self.

This reminds me of a Hafiz poem I just found the other day:

Just Sit There

Just sit there right now
Don't do a thing. Just rest.

For your separation from God
Is the hardest work in the world.

Let me bring you trays of food
And something
That you like to drink.

You can use my words
As a cushion
For your head.

Gina said...

Man, I hate it when babies cry at my knee... that is the worst. I mean, sorry you are having a rough time. When it rains it pours... AHHHHH!

Sick babies are THE hardest! Sending get well wishes your way.

kate said...

april, i love that poem--thank you!

beth said...

Hey, I know the feeling! LOL!

beth said...

Sorry, that sounded really insensitive. I just appreciated your title and it felt very similar to something I had just posted. I'm sorry you guys are having such terrible health issues and certainly hope you recover soon.