05 May 2006

First Post!

Hi Peeping moms!!

Talk about the benefits of water! Earlier this week I started Skyler on his first swim lessons! I enjoyed it so much, daddy had to get in the pool the next time. However, today I learned that the pool might be infected with Staph... Imagine the thoughts going through my mind... primarily I'm thinking of what happens to patients in hospitals who get this... some lose limbs. I saw a special on Primetime (or some variation thereof) about a woman who had just given birth to a healthy baby and three days later lost both legs and I think her arms b/c she contracted staph while recovering from L & D. Yeah. So now you get a sense of the paranoia starting to creep in.

I'm calling them tomorrow to ask some direct questions. Whether they tell me the truth is another matter. After that I will just have to trust the universe and Sky's destiny. I can't protect him from everything (most things) so.... I'll make the best decision I can and really try to let it go.

Hmmmm. Other than that I never got to see the wildflowers blooming!! Worked at one of my p/t jobs longer than I wanted to and ran out of time. Plus, we had to wonder if a four hour drive (two there and two back) was pushing it with a four month old. Maybe next year!

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kate said...

if it were me, i probably wouldn't go back to the pool. but, i can be paranoid even tho swim class=BIG fun.

sorry you missed the flowers. boooo!