04 May 2006

all you need is water.

so, today i discovered a big key to toddler (and thus mommy) happiness. not sugar, not tv or even music. nope. water! that's right.

the biggest hurdle i've found in staying home with a toddler all day (and sometimes i have 2) is conquering boredom. when they are bored forget it. it's harder to deal with than setting up some big, eloborate project. it's actually an easier day when more is planned. so, today. . . water.

we started with a tepid sink full of water and some lovely bubbles. tinted the water a lovely shade of green with some food coloring, added some spoons, pots and scoops and we were in for a good 45 minutes of uninterrupted, focused play. turn on the sprayer and the whole experience goes up like 5 notches in their books. whoo hoo!

we moved on to the backyard. the boys can go for a REALLY LONG TIME taking water from here ("BIIIIG!")

to here ("li-dle!")

later, of course, we followed it up with a bath. i wonder if his hands are peeling. . .

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Heather said...

Hey there -- I totally agree! We have some fun backyard water activities coming soon to rookiemoms.com