13 January 2008

on a break.

hiya folks,

so, i'm putting all my attention on my new food blog these days.

visit me here: www.thecleanplateclub.net.

i was working with the Content Quake blog network for a while, but recently left to do my own thing! foodbuzz.com has asked me to be a featured publisher, so that's what i'm up to.

i miss blogging about the kids and the parenting life, but i just can't do both. and honestly, i have so much to say about the new baby that i don't know where i'd begin.

once i get the food blog rolling at a good pace, i'll be back! and i'll continue to check in with you all when i can!

happy new year!



sari said...

happy new year!

Elizabeth said...

Hey sweetie. Just wanted to say hi. Obviously I've been away for a while. Hope the food blog is going well. I'll come check it out soon.

Being the mom of two is kicking my ass!

Beth said...

Sorry, that was me - don't know why I cant sign in correctly. I'm rusty I guess.