17 July 2007

stories on CD--a must for the long car ride.

bb loves a good story on CD. he has all the Curious George ones and he got so into them that we had to back away. just a little *too* into the G factor. However, he does love stories, so we went in search of some other/ new CDs to listen to--especially since we've got a 3 hour car ride coming up in August!

and the kid's got a birthday soon, too (he's THREE!), so we're thinking about what to get. we're not a big toy family. we keep it minimal. partly because of space and partly because, well, he just doesn't need a lot. we try to keep with the philosophy that the less the toy does the more the child does. and the less toys he has the more he uses is creativity, so, he's got mostly very simple, plain, use-your-imagination toys. and a *few* more complicated ones, but just a few.

anyway, i think these CDs are a great gift idea for anyone with kids or for you if you have kids who like stories, so i'm passing them on! got a long car-ride this summer? let the imagination take over and keep trucking along!


Mommy Babble said...

Those are from Barefoot Books aren't they? I could spend a few hundred dollars at Barefoto books and still want more. LOL

Adventures In Babywearing said...

Congrats on winning the Kangaroodle contest!!


Adventures In Babywearing said...

P.S. email me at jsprecourt@yahoo.com!

MC Milker said...

I love the Barefoot Books CDs! Also try Jim Weiss CDs and Classical Kids- both similar to Barefoot books CDs