04 July 2007

i heart coupons.

now, i love a good deal. and really, who doesn't. when i became a parent it was clear to me that expenses would rise. there's gear to buy and diapers and clothes. given that hubby and i don't bring home tons of cash (yet) we have to be frugal.

here is a great site where you can find 100's of online coupons. i was dubious at first--would i find anything that i could really use? but then when i investigated and found so many opportunities to save at online stores i already shop at, well, i was, psyched, of course!

my favorite discovery is the coupons for babyage.com. i love babyage. not only do they offer many things i have needed over the years, but they have often offered $5.95 shipping on ANY order. so, this mommy got her new car seat in the mail without have to pay a mint in shipping that heavy thing! sweet!

with baby number 2 on the way, i'm all over keepcash.com for coupons because even though i have a lot of what i need from the first baby, there's still always something. i encourage you to take a look around because you may be surprised to find coupons or offers that are truly useful to you and your family.

*this is a paid post.*

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Tracey said...

How is this paid for post thingy working out for you? I looked into it, and never started it...