06 June 2007

more greenery!

yesterday was one of our favorite days. it was the first day at our CSA farm.

Community Supported Agriculture is one of the cooler things about being living where i live. yes, there are CSA farms in many places--probably one near you. i am lucky enough to live in an area where there are several to choose from. if you don't know what they are, hit this website and find out. it's a great way to "be green" and support your local growers. the family farm is disappearing, this is how we can keep them going.

This week's share: mixed greens, spinach, bok choy, broccoli raab, turnips and packs of flowers to plant in the garden. (sweet!) we can also purchase extras of certain produce if they have a lot of it, as well as fresh eggs, raw milk and locally baked bread.

The one we go to is big on being kid-friendly. the farmers have kids, so they get that sometimes kids don't want to be in the barn picking out potatoes. so, in front of the big barn (inside of which is the distribution room) are toys. not a lot, but enough to give the kids something to do while we parents are inside getting giddy over our choices for the week.

they have a couple dump trucks, a tricycle, a toy lawn mower. it's great fun. they also have a dog, because what would a farm be without one?

after i'm done getting goodies in the distribution room, bb and i head for the fields! we go pick beans, peas, cherry tomatoes--or whatever is available at the time--as well as herbs and flowers. a big beautiful bunch of cosmos, sunflowers, snap dragons. i can't wait til they start blooming. it's great for kids because they start to connect more with where food comes from and they are invested in seeing it come home and get cooked. bb loves to snap green beans. the best part is that it does make him more interested in veggies and in gardening at home (we're hoping for lots of tomatoes this year). he loves to help pick whatever it is we are picking and then take his full container back up the hill to the barn. it's awesome on so many levels. i highly recommend you find one near you!


sari said...

I think this sounds great!! What a fun day and it's good for everyone.

I'm having a problem when I come to your site - my screen freezes up! I haven't been visiting a lot lately because I can't figure out why it does this.

Do you have anyone else with this problem? Email me because I can't often open this up. Maybe I need to redo my link to you, but I thought it looked ok.

itybtyfrog said...

How fun!!! I love having our own garden in our back yard. Nothing is funner than going out and picking something and eating it for dinner that night. What fun for your boy too.

Tracey said...

I just checked and we have one nearby! I have amessage to them to see what the deal is with them.

I posted a comment in my post about the gDiapers for you!

Adventures In Babywearing said...

I love your pictures. I am so excited to join our CSA for the 1st time this year. Our harvest starts at the end of the month!

And regarding the sling on my blog- I find it very comfy and so easy to use. I think it is meant for baby to face "in" but they might be able to face out- it's meant for the hip so I think it would be more comfy facing in.

Keep an eye out on my blog- tomorrow I am posting a giveaway for a sling of your choice from Mama Kanga! Shhh!