16 May 2007

so. tired. of. talking.

my toddler (to be three in july) is a talker. are they all? i'm not sure, but mine wants to be interacting ALL the time. it's exhausting. this is what a car ride is like lately:

bb: mommy, a digger!
me: yeah. . .
bb: oh mommy, did you see that jeep?
me: yes, a red one!
bb: i saw a biiiiiig dumptruck.
*silence as i try to listen to my new tori amos cd*
bb: i saw a big dumptuck, mommy.
*silence as i hope this is the time he doesn't require a response when he's not even asked a real question*
bb: mommy, mommy *no such luck*, i saw a DUMPTRUCK! did you see it?
me: yes (for the love of god) i DID see it!!!

i've tried asking for a "quiet time" and that lasts about. . . 5.3 seconds.

when i'm in the kitchen and i fail to respond to a statment like, "i'm playing with jake in his car." he begins to yell, "mommy, mommy!!! i'm playing with JAAAAAKE!"

inside i'm screaming back, "that's nice, but i don't really care, i just want to make my SMOOOOOTHIE!"

but instead i say for the umpteenth time, "that sounds like fun, bud."

all i want is a *little* time of being to not have to talk and respond to every. little. thing. he says. i can't follow a thought. i can't reflect or drift off.

and my friends wonder why i never want to talk on the phone.


Tracey said...

This is where the one word phrases come in handy. "Cool." "Neat." "Wow." See where I'm going with this?

Of course, Evan HAS started saying "You're not even LISTENING to me Mommy!!!" So, maybe it's not so good, after all?

Mike said...

Yup. When they were less than a year old, you wished they start to talk. When they do, you wish they stop talking.

Nature, huh?


Allie said...

I am in the same place as you are Kate. My son will be three in September. He will ask me a question or say a statement and when I finally reply to him, he will ask "why". Then I will get inundated with that word about 100 times per question session ....

Lene said...

hehe sounds like my son who is 3

He talks constantly and when I want quiet time - he seems to do the polar opposite. Mama gets quiet time when the kidos are in bed and that makes for a long day!